Comandante XL Handle Crank: XS Effort
The Comandante XL Crank goes large on performance, large on style and large on… well, size. In short: it’s soon to become top of your wishlist.

What’s the big deal?

This accessory from Comandante is desirable simply because it’s a beautifully made thing. We’re head over heels at first sight. The super-sleek accessory combines black stainless steel coated with a flawless carbon nano-coating.

To top it off perfectly, the included knob (nicknamed ‘Big Joe’) is 100% sustainably-grown Black Forest Oak.

Comandante have practical reasons for their new crank option. Increased crank length enhances leverage making grinding more effort-efficient and much smoother.

The XL handle enables you to relax your grip, making manual grinding easier on your hands and lower arm, not to mention the accessibility implications for baristas who struggle with grip & dexterity.

The Comandante XL Crank is 100% compatible with all C40 MK3 and MK4 grinder.
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