About Comandante

Comandante® develops and manufactures high performance coffee grinders, burrs, and tools for professionals and enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide solutions to help coffee lovers consistently get the best out of their favourite coffees, decade after decade. After all, good tools can boost the global access to and appreciation of coffee quality.

Comandante® is a small, family-run project created by specialty coffee and engineering professionals. We believe that if coffee tools exist, then they should be produced responsibly, using local, food-safe materials, and to uncompromising quality standards. This ensures a lifetime of performance minimises their environmental impact. Our grinders and burrs are manufactured and assembled by our passionate and international team of craftsmen and women just outside of Munich, Bavaria.

The iconic and clean design of our C40 grinder has become synonymous with world class grind performance. Its ease of use and the unwavering performance of our pioneering Nitro Blade® burr set inside has made Comandante® grinders trusted tools of choice for coffee lovers all over the world, from coffee producers, via passionate home baristas, to World Brewing Champions. Nitro Blade® is the result of years of dedicated R&D and world’s first heptagonal conical burr developed specifically for specialty coffee. Its unique physical and chemical properties set it apart from other conical burrs in both performance and taste.

Comandante® seeks maximum grind performance and grinder quality because we acknowledge the demanding and skilled work that goes into every cup of coffee, from farm to cup. We stay true to this goal by embracing material science and modern manufacturing processes to continually refine our grinders. We strive to do this whilst maintaining backwards and cross-compatibility, which not only preserves usability for our global user community, but also helps to reduce our environmental impact by avoiding product obsolescence.