Comandante solidifies reputation as quality-benchmark for manual grinder market
Comandante, a name synonymous with quality in the specialty coffee industry, is set to launch the hotly anticipated latest update to the C40 nitro-blade grinder.

The newest version of the C40 grinder boasts a new ‘indestructible’ bean jar made from high performance polymer which is lighter and more durable than the glass version and can also double as heat-insulated drinking vessel.

An improved crank-fitting and grind mechanism have also been precision-engineered in order to improve performance. The company have also addressed their packaging; making it smaller and more eco-friendly as it now comprises only sustainable materials sourced from Germany’s Black Forest.

The UK’s weekly coffee expenditure per capita has doubled since 2006, with many people turning to high-end brewing equipment to re-create café-quality coffee from the comfort of their homes. The Comandante offers impeccable ease of use as well as a higher-quality end result when it comes to ground coffee. The nitro-coated Steel burrs slice, rather than crush the coffee; meaning a purer, more nuanced flavour in the cup.
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